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PORT DIESEL has been providing quality service since 2017. We’re a locally owned mobile diesel engine service and repair company with over 15 years of experience in the Marine,  High Horsepower, Transit/Bus, On Highway, and Industrial Divisions in the DC Metropolitan Area, North Carolina Seaboard, and South Carolina Seaboard. Our technicians are certified in a wide range of engines and have a proven track record of excellence and attention to detail. We specialize in Cummins engines, Zeus Pod drive systems, Diesel Marine Systems and Generators. We are here for you as a Zeus, Kohler and Veratron dealer.


Serving the Wilmington area as a reputable business ensures that our technicians meet the highest industry standards. Our goal is to be a marine service leader. We value our customers opinions and satisfaction which have earned us the trust of boat owners and local film companies in the area. Many of our customers have continued to reach out to us for their mechanical needs and it is them we can thank for spreading the word and earning us the great reputation that we have and continue to build here in the Port City.


“I have worked in the marine industry as a mechanical engineer for over 30 years. Garrett of Port Diesel has done work for me both professionally and on my own boat. I can say without question that he does outstanding work. Not only does he have the knowledge and skill to fix your vessel, he will fix it right and probably make it better. He is absolutely committed to taking care of the customer. Get it done right, get Port Diesel!”


– Richard Paarfus


“Port diesel is the only marine mechanic that we trust to keep our charter vessel running top notch. Garrett and his team are by far the best marine mechanics around. Garrett is not only a great mechanic, but he is knowledgeable in all aspects of boat systems. Garrett will quickly be able to diagnose any potential problems from the engine, transmission, fuel systems, and running gear. Port diesel will never waste your money on unnecessary fixes! A reliable and trustworthy marine mechanic is hard to come by, and we will only recommend Garrett. Our Cummins engines run better now than they ever have and it’s all thanks to Garrett and port diesel.”     

– Wrightsville Beach Diving

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